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M&M Live Radio

Mar 31, 2020

On this show of M&M Live Radio, our hosts Meesa & Meah ask what advice they’d give to someone who’s falling in love with them. Also, March Motivation concludes on M&M Live Radio, where we motivate our listeners all throughout the month of March. This week during #TooManyHashtags, this week’s trending topics, we talk about whether or not people are taking “social distancing” seriously, Netflix shutting down & so much more. Plus, M&M bring in their male perspective, Kemo Jones to weigh in on the love & relationships conversation.
• M&M Live Radio Jingle
• “In My Bag” - ItsTaylorMade
• ”Groove” - DJ Standout ft. Eris Ford, Wande & CASS
• ”Fight Like A Man” - Angie Rose
• M&M Live Radio Jingle
• “Separation Anxiety” - Jekasole
• “Can’t Let” - V.Rose ft. Danielle Apicella
• ”Something Beautiful” - Tori Kelly
• M&M Live Radio Jingle