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M&M Live Radio

Jan 28, 2020

On this show of M&M Live Radio, our hosts Meesa & Meah debate whether or not a guy can afford a wife if he can’t afford a $3,000 engagement ring. This week during #TooManyHashtags, this week’s trending topics, we talk about Instagram’s upcoming update, Eminem facing backlash for controversial lyrics & so much more. Also, M&M bring in their male perspective, Kemo Jones to weigh in on the love & relationships conversation. Plus, Meesa & Meah announce their upcoming FeBROary guest!

  • M&M Live Radio Jingle
  • ”BAND$” - Wande ft. Byron Juane
  • ”Mistakes” - Wxlf ft. Silver Steph
  • “Glory” - WHATUPRG ft. GAWVI
  • M&M Live Radio Jingle
  • “Super Saiyan” - Torey D’shaun
  • “Can’t Hear U”  - 1K Phew ft. Aha Gazelle
  • ”Higher” - Hulvey ft. Zach Paradis

• M&M Live Radio Jingle