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M&M Live Radio

Dec 17, 2019

On this show of M&M Live Radio, our hosts Meesa & Meah discuss Lizzo’s recent appearance at the Los Angeles Lakers game. This week during #TooManyHashtags, this week’s trending topics, we talk about the official rules of UNO, who deserves the title, “Artist of the Decade” & so much more. Plus, M&M read a new “Dear M&M” letter, where one of our listeners writes to us in need of advice. In this “Dear M&M” Letter, a listener asks M&M to help him plan his first date.

  • M&M Live Radio Jingle
  • “BACK IN MY BAG” - Aaron Cole
  • “This Christmas” - 116 ft. Jaylon Ashaun, Jon Keith, Evan and Eris
  • “What A Time” - 116 ft. WHATUPRG, SVRCINA
  • M&M Live Radio Jingle
  • “Colossal” - nobigdyl., Steven Malcolm & Canon
  • “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” - Pentatonix
  • “Silent Night” - 116 ft. Crystal Nicole
  • M&M Live Radio Jingle